September wedding in Red Bank New Jersey

It was early September and it was sweltering hot. (As it happens September weddings are wonderful since it’s usually not THAT hot but this day it was!)

Lauren and John did their first look at Riverside Park in Red Bank, New Jersey, where we also photographed family pictures and couple’s portraits.

The river wasn’t providing any of it’s necessary winds to cool us off. But through the uncomfortable heat these special people and their families created their own cool oasis of love and connection. Lauren’s step- father who lovingly watched her grow up was so proud and happy she had found John. He knew their lives together would be filled with lightness and joy.

In the middle of our portraits of the lovely bride and groom, the heat hit Lauren. The beautiful bride hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in a long time and was melting under the blistering sun. I immediately put my doctor brain in gear and ran towards the nearest deli to find her a beverage with some sugar. She sat near a shady spot, we put our pictures on hold until I came back.

I then drove the couple to their venue which was such a thrill to get to know them a little bit better. They are such lighthearted and delightful people! The whole day, through the Kitubah signing until the end of the reception the two of them couldn’t stop making each other laugh.

This wedding was captured for William West Studio.