Long Island Country Club Greek Wedding

What happens when an El Salvadorian man falls in love and marries a Greek woman? I’ll tell you – non-stop SPICE! These guys couldn’t take the hands off each other and as a lover of love I didn’t mind ONE BIT!

Ah! So many things about this wedding I want to share! First off, I had never been in an Orthodox Greek Church before and it BLEW me away!!! The church was so gorgeous I snapped a picture of it with my iPhone, sent it to my fiancé and suggest we get married in one. Of course as we we are Jewish and gay so the chances of us getting Greekly married are slim to none but a girl can still dream, right?? One of my favorite images of them is when they are looking at each other behind the priest’s back. So cute, so connected. They are holding hands, not to say hello but as part of the ceremony to be locked for a long period of time (almost the entire time). Their hands were unlocked when the priest placed their holy book between them.

After the ceremony, instead of throwing rice or confetti guest threw lavender at the newlyweds as they existed the church. I thought this was fantastic since it smells nice AND is biodegradable.

Lastly, these crazy kids were clearly so into each other, they never stopped kissing! DAMMMNNNN!!!!! Asking them to cuddle and get closer was easy peasy. At one point our dapper groom said “That’s how babies are made” when I asked them to kiss!

Between their two rich cultures this wedding was a blast to photograph!

Gratefully shot for Tamara Gibson