Grand Prospect Hall Summer Wedding

I’ve been to Jewish weddings but coming from a conservative/secular background the most Jewish they get consists of a Rabbi officiant, breaking the glass and a hora. Words like “Tish” and “Bideken” were pretty foreign to me.  Not to mention all dancing! What made this even more special was the groom’s best friend playing Klezmer clarinet while the couple was having their pictures taken. My heart was melting!

The other fantastical aspect of this wedding was the venue they chose was an old theater that has preserved it’s decorative appeal. I was such a funky and playful spot for their reception. Their wedding was a whirlwind of love, emotion, singing, spirituality and intense dancing that exploded with joy. Through all of it, it was clear that these two were so in love, enamored with each other and more than ready to live a full life together.

I shot this wedding for the wonderful and talented Gulnara Studio. 

bride with grandmother fixing her veil
bride and groom in front of grand prospect hall looking at each other for the first time
groom kissing bride's forehead and bride laughing in front of grand prospect hall
bride and groom kiss in front of grand prospect hall Brooklyn
bride and groom touching noses in front of blue gate
grand prospect hall wedding
bride and groom in summer walking down the street
bride and groom embrace outside in front of light post and musician
Jewish bride and groom in garden
Jewish couple holding each other before ceremony
bride in fitted long sleeve dress and groom smiling at each other in front of a red wall
bride and groom kissing in the street pink and yellow peony bouquet
bride and groom laughing holding pink peony bouquet
ping wedding shoes with long lace wedding gown
bride with long lace sleeves and bridesmaids with blue dresses
bride and groom with musicians and friends walking into wedding
two bridesmaids crossing the street in Brooklyn wearing blue and grey beaded dresses
bride and groom walking down the street with friends
bride getting into the car groom holding peony bouquet
religious men and asian woman sitting at a table for a Tish before wedding
little boy with blue glasses and a bow tie
Bride laughing at her Bedeken with family
bride blessed by mother at bedecked
bride with parents moments before walking down the aisle at grand prospect hall
bride with mother and father holding peony bouquet
big ceremony room with a lot of natural light and
bride and groom together under chuppah
bride and groom holding ketubah
breaking the glass at the end of a jewish ceremony
low set veil and long sleeve wedding dress dancing with friends
bride and groom kiss after the ceremony with friends
older man with arms raised dancing at a wedding
women dancing at a wedding reception
young people dancing at a wedding party in Brooklyn
woman dancing and laughing at wedding party at grand prospect hall
bride dancing with her groom in the middle of dance floor