Upper East Side NYC In-Home Newborn

Having a newborn is such a delicate, tactile and beautiful time in your family’s life. It suddenly becomes clear that you are living your life for a greater purpose. I love watching new parents explore their fresh tiny human. There are so many questions, what is she thinking, how does she see me, does she know who I am, who will she become? Parents are not only in love with their baby but in awe of her.

These are such wonderful sessions for me. Not only do I get to watch babies being born in my job as an anesthesiologist but I’m also ask to photograph parent’s amazing expressions as they are memorized by their babies.

I approach in-home newborn sessions is with a more laid back approach, somewhere between documentary and life style. Newborns are incredibly unpredictable so the best laid plans don’t always pan out. My focus is more about your interactions with your baby, the loving stares, the smiles, the surprise faces you show her. I want to convey how you feel when she’s in your arms, the joy and peace she brings you.