Shortly after I got engaged I was searching Instagram for lesbian couple pictures for engagement photo inspiration. Ilana and Kris popped up and it turned out we got engaged within a few days of each other. Not only that but I noticed that they lived in my neighborhood and not only that but they lived in the building that my fiancé and I considered living in (the sister building to where we live now). Without wanting to look like an Instagram stalker I reached out to Ilana to congratulate her, ask her how they liked living in their building and share in our similarities. I followed them on social media as they got married last year and had a magically beautiful intimate wedding (Ilana’s dress was GORGEOUS you can see it on her blog here.)

This past December I was at Ilana and Kris’s building taking holiday photos and I got a chance to meet them for the first time. I completely fell in love with the both of them. They just ooze joy, love and happiness. Kris’ expressions and sense of humor makes you giggle endlessly and the way she looks at Ilana melts my heart every time.

Recently, these lovelies received some difficult news. Their dear cat Tillie, who had been with Ilana for 15 years was diagnosed with end stage lymphoma. As a cat mom and an animal lover my heart broke for them. They asked me to come over and take some pictures of them with their beloved kitten (to me, all cats are kittens!). It was an absolute pleasure spending time with them and their sweet soft fur baby.

After I had packed everything up and headed out the door the mentioned how Kris and Tillie have a cute ritual of feeding Tillie water from the bathroom sink. They lamented that we didn’t capture that and I immediately put my camera back together. As it was a tradition, I wanted them to always remember each sweet moment they have with each other.

I am so incredibly grateful for three of them for letting me into their hearts and home.