About Wild Embers

I am family and wedding photographer based in Queens, New York. I make images that take us out of our everyday thoughts and into a profound connection with ourselves, our families and with humanity.

About Gabriella

It started at a fashion show.

My soon-to-be wife used to produce yearly Queer fashion shows in Brooklyn. The first year we were together I brought along a camera just for fun. It had been decades since I took pictures with something other than my phone. Photographing the event that night made me realize I never wanted to put the camera down again.

In another life I learned how to shoot with film, develop the negatives and the prints. I would craft little photo books for friends, take pictures of my mom and get lost in the darkroom. It was a fascination I gave up as my priorities shifted. But most recently, it’s shifted back.

I can get lost in images in ways you can get lost in people. Wondering who they are, what kind of relationship they have, what are they smiling at, what are they feeling, how a hand can move so beautifully. Those are the images I make, images that transport, transcend and connect.

Let’s try that together.

Photos of me taken by the lovely and extremely talented Hannah Cohen.



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