Christmas Elopement New York City Hall

When S contacted me about her City Hall elopement she was planning for the day after Christmas I naively assumed we would be the only ones there. I was SO WRONG! But I’m happy I was. They completely embraced the typical New York chaos and made it their own. Was the Marriage Bureau filled with strangers? Yes. Did anyone care? Not at all. There was enough love and joy in their own circle that it felt as though the brides, their family and friends were the only ones in that hall. What’s even more insane about getting married this way is that not only are you surrounded by hundreds of strangers, you never know when you will ACTUALLY get married. So there was a lot of waiting but that was when all the fun happened, especially with the two little adorable nieces along for the ride to watch their aunties get married. These little ones wanted to be a part of their aunties wedding so much and loved being close to the both of them. It was such a thrill to watch.

Even when every minute is planned, it still can cause stress and anxiety. Getting married at City Hall is almost completely out of your control. You have no choice but to surrender to the unknown. There is definitely a a great sense of freedom in that. All you know is that by the end of the day you will be married to the love of your life.