Bear Mountain, New York Engagement

I talk a lot about loving New York City, and I do but it’s a complicated relationship. I’ll take almost any excuse to leave it on the weekends, going to see my parents or in-law on Long Island, shooting a day in the life in Florida, a road trip to Ohio (my fiancé literally just texted that to me today), spending time in the woods at friend’s house in Woodstock, I’m game for it all.

When these lovelies told me they usually go hiking on the weekends, I was ALL IN. I couldn’t think of a better way to capture who they are than to have their engagement session be on the hiking trails. And the fact that they make it priority to go upstate almost every weekend is very admirable. They knew their trails well and not only that, they dressed the part in easy, comfortable and fabulous outfits (red lip is almost a MUST with the fall foliage).

I love photographing couples doing what the love. It makes them at ease in front of my lens especially when they might feel uncomfortable getting their pictures taken. Capturing couples in action, doing their hobbies, memorializes who they are instead of some idea of what they think they should be. While doing their usual and feeling at ease couples are being authentic, comfortable and perfectly them!

By the way, when M contacted me she told me how awkward they are in pictures. Ummm… I totally disagree!

two people holding coffee mugs on a wooden table
coffee shop details
street signs from car heading towards jct 6 jct 9 and jct 202
woman with red scarf and red lipstick looking and walking with man
man looks back at woman smiling as they walk on a nature trail
man and woman hold each other and laugh in front of green and yellow leaves
man and woman sitting on a fallen tree with green and yellow leaves
smiling woman with red scarf and red lipstick yellow and green leaves sitting on a rock
man and woman look at each other while walking outside in nature on a hike
man and woman embrace with yellow and green leaves
man and woman walking in the woods holding hands
woman red lipstick looking up with yellow leaves
couple holds each other near rocks and green trees
asian woman with red lipstick and black hair with man with blue and white scarf
couple looks at each other with yellow leaves
man laughing with woman pink and yellow leaves
asian woman and black man embrace with trees in the background
man looks at woman on top of a mountain looking over trees and a river
man wearing a navy jacket woman wearing a white sweater hold each other in front of trees on a mountain
man and woman sitting on a rock with trees and yellow leaves
couple kisses on a rock
smiling asian woman and black man together yellow leaves
bear mountain lodge with mountain and reflection
couple embraces in front of mountain
man and woman hold hands red scarf brown sweater
couple looking to sun with blue sky and clouds
couple looking at each other with blue sky and one cloud
couple sitting on bench with tree on top of mountain
man and woman hold each other on a wooden bench with a pine tree and blue sky
top of woman's black hair and red lipstick