Autumn Central Park Engagement Session

There are certain times of the day when NYC becomes a totally different place. In the early morning it transforms from the crazy hustle and bustle it’s known for into a small quite majestic town. In Central Park, before 9 am, dogs are allowed off leash and there are only a few brave souls exercising, strolling and photographing. We were one of 4 engagement shoots buzzing around the lovely Bethesda Terrace on this morning. We were lucky enough to catch one of the last days of the fall foliage since these lovelies agreed to meet me at 7am on a Wednesday morning. It was absolutely worth it. These two are just as elegant as this city. She’s from Korea and he’s from France, a truly classic New York love story uniting people from all over the world. To make it an even more iconic New York City photo shoot we ducked into the Plaza hotel for some elegant moments.

man holds woman during engagement session in fall
fall engagement session in central park new york city
A couple stands under the arch at Bethesda Terrace
early morning engagement session at Bethesda terrace
engaged couple kiss under Bethesda Terrace Central Park
couple embraces on the steps of Bethesda terrace
couple walking in the park holding coffee
Man helping woman while walking in the park during engagement session in central park
lovers kiss by the pond in central park during photo shoot
man kisses woman during engagement session new york city
couple kissing during a fall engagement session in central park
woman closes her eyes as her fiancé hugs her
couple in central park laugh together during photo session
Man holding his fiancé in central park during engagement session
man kissing woman's hand with an engagement ring
couple embraces in the park
fall colors in the background as couple embraces in central park
lover bridge in central park during engagement session
Early morning in New York City engagement session
Fall leaves in new york city during engagement session
Central Park engagement photo shoot early morning
soft light in the early morning during engagement photo shoot
a woman laughs in central park during engagement session
couple kisses during the autumn for photo shoot
couple looks at each other in the early morning in the park
a couple looks at each other in the park during the fall
woman in silk dress walking down the stairs at plaza